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Our Story

 2008 – 2013 T-Rex Tribe as a whole with it’s 3 programs:

1. Coaching; 2. Events; 3. Camps, grew from strength to strength.

We also switched from a CC to a Pty (Ltd) during this time.

All programs grew in numbers and the structure and skills improved through experience.

Tailor made sports days for schools and corporates was also hosted and organised by T-Rex Tribe.

We faced a couple of challenges throughout the five years of which our very own venue was the biggest climb.

The contract for the pool we rented which shortened and eventually expired, the continuous search and struggle to find an appropriate pool.

The safety of our cyclists on public open spaces became a growing concern.

Venues, times and rules for camps and events were never solely determined by us.

We were forced to put a stop to sleepover camps as our venue for it had closed down.

Furthermore, Coach Lorraine had moved on to new adventures of her own.

At a later stage, T-Rex recruited two additional coaching to assist owner, Charmaine Shannon to maintain T-Rex Tribe’s status.

2014 – 2016 T-Rex Tribe was solely run by coach Charmaine Shannon and it was switched from a Pty (Ltd) to a ‘Trading As’, with T-Rex Tribe as defensive name.

Simeon & Mesthilda were the Tribe helpers and Charmaine Shannon owner and coach. All programs continued and were hosted more often.

2017 Tanya Naude joined the Tribe as Co-Coach, both coaching and helping to drive the kids to and from schools.

During Camps and Events additional coaches were hired to support the smooth running and success.

Numbers in coaching boomed and Tanya became the Driver Coach.

Event Numbers increased with 60 kids per event or when event frequency increased, up to 30 kids still pitched every time.

December 2017 T-Rex Tribe miraculously got it’s own pool. We rented a plot from the owners of the Kleine Kuppe Zoo, then installed and built our own pool and pool

area for coaching. OJ Construction contributed by digging as well as installing the pool.

Our Coaches, Charmaine and Tanya worked around the clock to ensure the pool is properly decked and covered.

Just around the corner is Farm Windhoek IJG Trails where Cycle and Triathlon coaching as well as Camps and Duathlon events were conducted since.

The T-Rex Pool at the Zoo, also started to become the venue for Triathlon Training and Events.

In addition to the pool, T-Rex Tribe also purchased their very own plot 40km outside of Windhoek.

September 2018, Martha joined as support coach for Head Coach as Mestilda moved on to new adventures.

Charmaine (Owner & Head Coach)

Tanya (Head Driver Coach & 2IC Coach at Events & Camps)

Simeon (logistics helper & domestic worker)

Martha (Assistant in coaching, events & camps)

May 2019, the first sleep over camps were hosted on T-Rex’s own plot in the heart of the bushveld.

August 2019, Sleep over camps progressed to having shelter under an open barn.

The 2018/2019 T-Rex Events series was successful with Prize Giving of Medals and T-Rex gifts for all podium winners.

A sponsor came forth and offered to donate all participants of the 2019/2020 series.

We look forward to Prize Giving in April of 2020.