Our Team

Head coach and founder of T-Rex Tribe

Charmaine Shannon

(Studied Natural Resource Management at NUST till 2000; Studied NATH Tour Guide courses 2001; Sport Psychology Cert. 2002; Olympic Solidarity Scholarship 2003-2004; Multisport Coaching Certification 2004-2005; Start-up T-Rex Training Tribe 3 Programs since 2005; Excelled and started with a Team of workers since June 2009; 15 Years in the making of Coaching, Events & Camps and will now as of 2021 add Environmental Education Eco-Adventures or Tours as a 4th Program)

Multisport Athlete:

(Athletics, middle distance Track; Field Hockey; Tennis; Duathlon, Triathlon; Kayaking & Rowing; Canoe-Polo; Fist-ball; Inline Hockey; Mountain Biking; Road Cycling; Obstacle course Racing)


Driver Coach & 2IC, since 2016

Tanya Naude
(Entrepreneur; Building Contractor; Learner –Driver Coach)

Lifestyle Athlete:

(Naturally strong and just do Kinetics & Body Conditioning to stay healthy & strong; Horse Riding & Horse Training; Cycling; Rowing; Power Gym)

Assistant all round coach, since 2018

Martha Tena Kanzi
(Gospel group leader; coach and good learner)

Lifestyle Athlete:

(Do Body Conditioning & Gym to stay healthy & strong; stay fit as swim and cycle coach assistant)

Freelance worker, since 2012

Simeon Ankonga
(Domestic worker, Gardner, Care taker, all round assistant)

Lifestyle Athlete:

Through Farming and general handy work, he stays fit & strong.