What We Do

A. Coaching Programs:

1. Swim

Currently we utilize Our Own T-Rex Pool on the Property of Dagbreek School Hostel – John Ludwig street Klein Windhoek 

Learn to swim: We coach kids 3 years+ in a 1,3m deep swimming pool.

The group of 3 to 7 (max) kids, sits on the poolside and wait to be taken individually 2 at a time (one kid per coach)

Mornings we pick up Kinder Garten groups with our Quantum Bus.

Fun-Fitness, Style and Stroke Correction Groups:

Afternoons we also have pick- ups with the Quantum bus, and we have few groups where parents bring kids, usually as of 3pm 

We coach all kids who are swim safe, to start learning correct swim styles to be smooth, confident and comfortable in the water.  This group of 6 to max 16, is safe from drowning and do all exercises together as a group with solo intervals at times. 

Styles corrected are: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke & Butterfly,

A bit of Competition – Team Building, Team spirit skills are added in the mix.

Adult swimming:
Coach Martha does the Adult coaching on Saturday Mornings 
Contact: 081 605 3215

2. Bike:

We coach different levels of ability and skill:

Beginners are all those who cannot ride a bicycle or even paddle in a circular motion – They are coached on the tracks close to their schools, morning Times

The Intermediate and Advanced groups are coached at Farm Windhoek IJG Trails – Kleine Kuppe, Afternoons. 

They do some off-road riding and the more advanced kids are dared to be taken onto the street (quiet streets at first) to get them acquainted with riding in traffic on e.g. events.

Most kids use their own bicycles and helmets. 

We however do have some loan bikes stored in a container, available for the kids use (those without own bicycles). 


3. Multisport Training & Life Skills Development:

We coach kids aged 5+ to get the hang of what Multisport & Obstacle course Training is all about. In order to get all the skills and knowledge across to the kids we also do activities called life skills Development activities. This includes anything from ball games, running, cycling, swimming, balance and coordination games, old school games, traditional games. 

We utilize the Pool premises at Dagbreek Hostel and the IGJ Trails Kleine Kuppe. 

B. Events Program:

Fun Day Events, Tailor made Team Building Days; Multi Sport Events; Obstacle Course Events

Every other Month we host an Iron Kids Multisport event – Swim, Bike & Run or only 2 of the event legs. OR an Obstacle Course Event

Kids from age 3 + compete in these races. They swim, bike & run, or run & bike.
Or they do Obstacle Running.
They always race in a safe area.

Fun days and tailor made events are not restricted to a specific area. So it depends on where the school or company wants their event to take place, to finalize the safety point of the event. All events are however focused on safety first.

C. Camping Programs:

Day Camps:

Kids aged 5 + are entertained with physical, sporty and out-door nature activities & Environmental education.
From early morning till Afternoon time. Usually 5pm drop off to their parents.
Activities like ball games, hiking, cycling, running, swimming, trampoline, water and land games, climbing, mini gymnastics, painting & drawing.
They are provided with water Marsh mellow braai & hot dog or kebab lunch.
They are given a list of what to bring with, prior to attendance: (hat, sunscreen, extra water, own extra food and snacks, list of allergies or medical conditions)
Parents of kids do sign indemnity forms prior to the Start of the first day.

Break Away / Sleepover Camps:

Kids Old enough not to cling on Mommy’s dress & Young enough to still enjoy out-door activities in groups, are entertained with physical, sporty and out doors activities, away from home 1- 4 Days.
Activities like ball games, hiking, cycling, running, swimming, water – and on land games, climbing, mini gymnastics, painting, drawing, star gazing, camping, cooking over open fire, Environmental Education, sometimes fishing and kayaking.
They are provided with fruit, cool drink, water, breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day.
They are given a list of what to bring with, prior to attendance: (hat, sunscreen, extra water, list of allergies or medical conditions, own medication for specialized conditions, cool and warm clothing, swim clothes)
Parents of kids do sign indemnity forms prior to the Start of the first day.

Environmental Education Expeditions:

Kids aged 5+ are entertained half day or just a few hours or even a whole day, with similar activities to the above camps or with the activity specific to the expedition: mountain climbing, hiking, combo’s like Train riding and cycling when stopping, Exploring games, Adventure Games and Nature-Eco activities.

School groups can book 1x per week or per month to come on Class or Grade Expeditions with us. It is essential for kids to get out into nature and explore on their own, away from lock downs and concrete jungles.